Saturday, November 15, 2008


The 15th of every month Leif buys me sunflowers:) Its something I look forward to each month. He's never forgotten. Not once. The 15th was when we started dating in April 2007 and to celebrate every month Leif would buy me my favorite flowers: Sunflowers. I'm blessed to have such a wonderful, thoughtful and caring husband. Really... He's the most amazing man I've ever known.

*I wanted to take a picture of the flowers he got me but I can't upload them to my computer because its broken:( So this image will have to do:

& a picture of us from like June/July 07. Its fun!


Melanie said...

Teach me your photo ways!

Black Girl said...

how cute!!!

sunflowers are my favorite too!!! (which is a bit weird because when i was a little girl i was terrified of them)

Felicity said...

Lovely pictures!