Thursday, May 27, 2010


Look at this, I'm actually writing a blog post:)

  As of late I've been ridiculously busy. I have not been this busy since college.  I'm not used to going to bed after 1 and only sleeping about 5 hours.  I'm also not used to having stuff to do on top of the normal chores that come with being a housewife.  Being busy isn't a bad thing though.  It just keeps me from blogging and cleaning my house from time to time;)

   A few moms and I have started a playgroup. We meet almost everyday and switch of houses. Its been really refreshing and Riley has been having such a good time.  Its fun to watch her interact with other kids.  Most of my evenings are spent shooting, as are my weekends. I'm thankful for all the opportunities I've had and for all the doors that have been opened regarding photography.  Its a lot more work than I had anticipated but I am definitely enjoying every minute:) 

  Since my last post Beck has turned 3 months old and Riley 18 months.  Becks at the age where he is starting to put himself on a schedule. Things are more predictable with him, it makes planning a lot easier.  I think he's the sweetest baby ever.  He hates to be alone and will do this pitiful cry until someone, anyone comes into the room.  As soon as he knows someones there he'll start laughing and cooing. I'm pretty sure his favorite person is Riley.  Lately she's been sitting next to him while hes in the boppy or the bumpo, talking to him and showing him her toys.  They'll sit like that for about a half hour. Its adorable. I love it when she just kisses him and pats his back. His face lights up and he gets the biggest smile.  My heart gets so happy watching the two of them together. 
   Riley is the funniest toddler I know.  She's like a little mommy. Always trying to help out where she can.  At our playdates she tries to feed everyone, even the the kids her own age. When someone gets hurt she gets so worried and concerned. And every baby she sees deserves a kiss. She's picked up counting and saying her abc's. Sometimes in order, sometimes not. I don't know where she picked these things up, but its cute.  She's really observant and watches everything everyone does. If you watch her you'll notice that she's always thinking things through, going over stuff in her head. Its cute. When you give her anything new, for instance food... She'll taste it a little, stop, think and then if she likes it finish it. If not she'll shake her head and push it away.  Currently shes going through an obdient phase where tantrums aren't really being thrown and anything I ask is getting done. But I know that around the corner is another tantrum phase... I'm just trying to enjoy how well behaved she is being right now and take it all one day at a time!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

All Grown Up.

Riley is now in a big girl bed.
When did this happen?!

I am proud of my little girl. She's adjusted well to her new bed. She didn't even notice the change. She did realize her new-found freedom though :) She's gotten up a couple times in the middle of the night to get herself milk or to turn on the tv. It's so cute telling her its time for bed, and then watching her climb into her bed. Every time she lays down she has the biggest smile on her face. Cutest thing ever.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy 12 Weeks!

Beck is 12 weeks old today! 

     I feel as if I blinked and suddenly, my son, you're no longer a scrawny little newborn.  You're taller, you've filled out, and you're always smiling and laughing.  You have joy! I love it.  As soon as you hear my voice or Riley's you start to kick and wave your arms around. You get so excited! Watching your face light up is amazing! I never get tired of it. And the giggles. They're precious. 

   Beck, I love having you in my life.  I love your calm and joyful spirit.  I think you're the cutest little man and I want to hold you constantly.  I will never get tired of feeding you or changing your diapers.  Its for such a short time I get to do this.  I already miss so many things I used to do with your sister.  She's so independent these days.  I will always cuddle with you and sing to you.  Even when you ask me not to.  I'm going to be your biggest fan forever.  I promise.  

  You're sleeping right now but I'm going to kiss you a few times anyways.  

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mothers Day Post.

How we spent mothers day.
Well  Leif wanted to make me breakfast but we were out of eggs so instead
we went to Dennys for breakfast. Its one of my favorite places to go. I love pancake puppies.
After Dennys we had to sign papers for the car, which wasn't so bad. It was kind of nerve racking actually.  Buying a car is a big decision and commitment!

We lounged around a lot of the day. Leif worked on the other car and it now runs wonderfully.
We're trying to decide if we want to have two cars or sell the old car and just have one.

We got to go to our favorite beach and hang out a bit.  The weather originally had been cloudy with some drizzle but by 5 it had cleared and we got to watch the sun set over the ocean.  Praise Jesus.
I prayed the sun would come out so we could celebrate at the beach!

Some photos

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day so far..

These are the two gifts my husband got me for Mothers Day:
Someone told me that everything changes when you move up to a full frame.
My life will never be the same.
I'm in the process of re-building my portfolio... 
starting up my photography business.
That's a big reason why I haven't been blogging much.
I'll be sure to write an update about it soon though!
In the mean time I'll be updating my photography blog (errr I just updated it)

About the car:
Friday night I took a drive by myself and called my mom.  I was having a terrible day and my night wasn't going any better.   After my mom prayed with me, I felt a bit better so I drove to McDonalds (yes I go to McDonalds and I love it) and picked up some fries. I parked for a minute enjoying my last few minutes alone before going home.  When I did try to go home though my car wouldn't start. I wasn't surprised but I wasn't pleased. Since my day had gone horribly wrong this just made me upset. Plus my husband wasn't picking up his phone. Oh Fort Ord and you're terrible reception. After an hour and a half a tow truck came and saved me.  Well the man in it, ha. Basically my car is dead. So Leif spent all day today looking at a car to bring home.  He succeeded!  This is my new car!  I've always wanted a Prius so it works out nicely. And its gold. Fancy huh?

Friday, May 7, 2010

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sweetest Words.

This adorable little girl just told me she loved me for the first time.
I can't even begin to describe the feeling I got when she said it.
I wanted that moment to last forever. 
I'm so blessed.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Sunday Funday.

We haven't gone to the beach in awhile.  I'm not sure why not... Its literally outside our front door. Today though, we ventured to the beach. It wasn't just any beach though. It was the Fort Ord Dunes Beach.