Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Changes

Things have changed once again around here. I love it. I will never get tired of it. Leif and I are welcoming the 5th month of Riley's life and are still shocked that it's gone by so fast. I know I say it all the time, but seriously, it's flying by! God has been so good and continues to be good. We found out recently that Leif got his raise. We weren't sure about it because of the economy and funding at his job, but like I said before: God is good. At times like these I'm so grateful for the job Leif has and that it's a good job that makes it possible for bills to be paid, and for needs to be met. Its also nice to have extra money to put away or to spend. We're still using one car, but its nice to be able to use the money we would have used on another car, towards debt or bills. So far it hasn't been a problem, and when I think about where we'll be in 5 years, it's worth it:) Although its not really needed, I'm learning how to cut back in certain areas and just live without certain things. Just in case it gets to that point; plus life is so much better without having a lot of things and possessions.

I've started going to Mommy & Me at church and also joined another mommy's group that does different events weekly. The mommy's group is actually for women who have biracial or multi ethnic children. I'm loving it. I'm not the type to sit around at home and I don't think Riley is either... I love being out and about! So grateful that God has provided these things for me and Riley to be part of. I need to be surrounded by other mothers, especially mothers who serve Jesus:) On that note, we have been loving church. Its such a wonderful family of believers. And when I say family, it literally feels like family. And I love it. I am so happy we found a church home like this. I knew that when I had children I wanted to be part of a church that operated like a family, and here we are! Being part of a church has been wonderful. I'm constantly being reminded to pursue God and love Him in ways I never have. I'm also learning how to apply God's word to my marriage and to parenting. So important!

While I sit here and write this my daugther is slowly making her way across the room. She isn't crawling...she's scooting. I'm learning that I can't turn my head for a minute, whether she's in her walker or on her belly, she'll get to whatever it is she wants to get to. Although she's thrilled about, it I'm not... Riley also cut her first tooth yesterday. Monday she started teething really bad for about two hours, then yesterday the tooth broke through. I wasn't expecting any of this for awhile. I was hoping Riley would be slow about everything. I wanted her to stay little and need me forever! I guess she has a plan of her own:)

Oregon is still the plan and I'm pretty sure God is preparing us for it. Especially me. Everyday I become more at peace about it and excited. We've also been having friends and family over constantly, which I'm thankful about since we'll be moving soon. I'm trying to enjoy every moment here in California, and I'm seeing it through new eyes with a new love and appreciation. The people I know here cannot and will not ever be replaced, so I'm making sure I get to spend as much time with them as I can.

Say a prayer for us today/tonight. I'll do the same for you:)!


Pin3appleZ said...

your daughter is adorable

Megan Marie said...

I am so glad for everything you guys are going through. Happy happy. Liam was like Riley, he got his teeth super fast and was huge, but Ossi is my little one. He's staying a baby much longer. Each kid has a total mind of their own!

Nancy said...

Your church sounds great! We are looking for a new one and wish we could just magically go to yours. Only if teleportation was possible!

and so it is... said...

it was so wonderful to meet you and your sweet little riley yesterday. you two are so lovely. have a delightful week. will be praying for you guys.