Monday, April 6, 2009

I love my In-Laws!

I've been meaning to write this post for awhile and I don't really have an excuse to why I haven't. Laziness perhaps and most likely:)

My in-laws were in town about three weeks ago, and we were SO happy they were able to come down and visit! The last time they saw Riley she was 6 weeks old and only about 12 pounds? This time she was turning 4 months old and about 16 pounds. I was thrilled that they got to see Riley while she's still pretty small... If you can call a 17 pounds 4 month old small. It was a lot of fun having them here. Us girls, me, Gretchen, Maddy, My mother in law and her mother in law got to take our traditional trip to Olvera Street and Phillipes. We visited with other family around the area, got to meet up with my parents and took tons of pictures. (That I still need to work on and got on a cd!) Riley got to swim for the first time with her Grandmother and Aunt and loved every minute. Here's a video of them swimming:

I enjoyed having my in-laws here because they really are a second family and I really hate that we have to be a state apart. I am grateful that it is only a state and that it is possible to visit by car ride. Even if it is a few long hours... I'm also grateful that at least Heidi lives down here and we can visit her often. I'm blessed to have in-laws that are always so loving, so kind, so encouraging. In-laws that pray for Leif, Riley and I on a daily basis and love us unconditionaly. God has given me the best in-laws anyone could ask for. Seriously. I love the time I spend with each and every one of them. My parent in-laws are wonderful examples of a parents that have raised and loved their children in a godly way. Their marriage is also an example of the type of marriage I want Leif and I to have. They love God with all their hearts and its evident. Its also evident in each of their children. I love my three sister-in-laws and they each bless me in so many different ways! I'm praying that when Riley gets married that she'll marry into a wonderful family like I did.

I wish more than anything that they lived closer and could be with us all the time, and watch Riley get older. Until that happens, pictures, videos and Skype will have to do:)

Here are some pictures from the week they were here:

At the Union Station
Before we left for Olvera Street
Sitting with Grandma
The butterfly Maddy caught
When they first arrived
Riley's grandpa!

Riley and Grandma.
Riley and Aunt Gretchen
Riley and Aunt Maddy!


Samaria said...

Such sweet pictures, it is so so so wonderful you love your inlaws and get along with them. Some of us *me* are not so fortunate!

Anonymous said...

Too sweet. I love my inlaws too. How blessed are we, huh?

Chanel said...

aww what a beautiful family

Nikki said...

Great photos! AND you're lucky to have such great in-laws! Not everyone is so lucky! :)))

Liz Lorraine said...

i love this. a praying family is something invaluable. i am so happy you have this blessing!

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Beautiful :)

yours truly said...

it is so hard to watch that video and not smile. :) you are really blessed to have a loving family and in-laws.

ValeriesWorld said...

Lovely pictures, Riley looks adorable and thank God for your in laws. I can see what lovely people they are.

Madison said...

And they are so lucky to have you as a daughter-in-law! This post is so sweet, and the pictures are fantastic! Seriously Margaret you have such an eye for photography. I especially love that butterfly shot.