Thursday, May 27, 2010


Look at this, I'm actually writing a blog post:)

  As of late I've been ridiculously busy. I have not been this busy since college.  I'm not used to going to bed after 1 and only sleeping about 5 hours.  I'm also not used to having stuff to do on top of the normal chores that come with being a housewife.  Being busy isn't a bad thing though.  It just keeps me from blogging and cleaning my house from time to time;)

   A few moms and I have started a playgroup. We meet almost everyday and switch of houses. Its been really refreshing and Riley has been having such a good time.  Its fun to watch her interact with other kids.  Most of my evenings are spent shooting, as are my weekends. I'm thankful for all the opportunities I've had and for all the doors that have been opened regarding photography.  Its a lot more work than I had anticipated but I am definitely enjoying every minute:) 

  Since my last post Beck has turned 3 months old and Riley 18 months.  Becks at the age where he is starting to put himself on a schedule. Things are more predictable with him, it makes planning a lot easier.  I think he's the sweetest baby ever.  He hates to be alone and will do this pitiful cry until someone, anyone comes into the room.  As soon as he knows someones there he'll start laughing and cooing. I'm pretty sure his favorite person is Riley.  Lately she's been sitting next to him while hes in the boppy or the bumpo, talking to him and showing him her toys.  They'll sit like that for about a half hour. Its adorable. I love it when she just kisses him and pats his back. His face lights up and he gets the biggest smile.  My heart gets so happy watching the two of them together. 
   Riley is the funniest toddler I know.  She's like a little mommy. Always trying to help out where she can.  At our playdates she tries to feed everyone, even the the kids her own age. When someone gets hurt she gets so worried and concerned. And every baby she sees deserves a kiss. She's picked up counting and saying her abc's. Sometimes in order, sometimes not. I don't know where she picked these things up, but its cute.  She's really observant and watches everything everyone does. If you watch her you'll notice that she's always thinking things through, going over stuff in her head. Its cute. When you give her anything new, for instance food... She'll taste it a little, stop, think and then if she likes it finish it. If not she'll shake her head and push it away.  Currently shes going through an obdient phase where tantrums aren't really being thrown and anything I ask is getting done. But I know that around the corner is another tantrum phase... I'm just trying to enjoy how well behaved she is being right now and take it all one day at a time!


Patty said...

You're kids are adorable!!! :-) So happy that you are getting more opportunities to shoot!

Shona said...

Missed you!!!! Riley and Beck are both wonderful children. Riley is an awesome sister.

Tahnee Marie said...

Beck is so adorable, I think he looks JUST like you:D and little miss Riley is just the cutest thing, helping you out and kissin on her little brother. SO precious. You my dear are so blessed:]

Rana said...

I haven't been by here in a while. Beck and Riley are getting so big. It's great to be able to get with other moms and their kids.

Amy said...

Glad that you and the kids are doing so well!