Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mothers Day Post.

How we spent mothers day.
Well  Leif wanted to make me breakfast but we were out of eggs so instead
we went to Dennys for breakfast. Its one of my favorite places to go. I love pancake puppies.
After Dennys we had to sign papers for the car, which wasn't so bad. It was kind of nerve racking actually.  Buying a car is a big decision and commitment!

We lounged around a lot of the day. Leif worked on the other car and it now runs wonderfully.
We're trying to decide if we want to have two cars or sell the old car and just have one.

We got to go to our favorite beach and hang out a bit.  The weather originally had been cloudy with some drizzle but by 5 it had cleared and we got to watch the sun set over the ocean.  Praise Jesus.
I prayed the sun would come out so we could celebrate at the beach!

Some photos


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Your pictures are so pretty. I hope all is well.