Thursday, June 25, 2009

2009's best music.

I listen to NPR's All Songs Considered pod cast, follow them on twitter and I'm Bob Boilen, the main DJ's friend on facebook. I love ASC basically. And NPR. Recently Boilen asked people what their favorite albums were so far this year. Here's a handful of songs from my favorite albums:

Passion Pit's album Manners

From Grizzly Bear's album Veckatimest

From Neko Case's album Middle Cyclone

From Animal Collective's album Merriweather Post Pavillion

This is turning out to be a wonderful year for music. Its just half over! So much more to come:)
What albums do you love so far?

Also, I have started a new photo blog: Les photos et leurs Histoires.


Sandra P. said...

i'm loving the song my girls by acollective.

mjean said...

mmm neko case, & animal collective, grizzly bear, &&& passion pits. happiness.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving so much music lately. I've heard of Grizzly bear but actually haven't heard them yet. I use to live in LA and listened to KCRW hourly. ( Gosh, I miss them, but thank goodness they are online) But since we've moved all the music I hear on the radio station is regurgitated garbage. I rarely listen to the radio stations out here. I'm constantly popping in my old cd's or anxiously awaiting my new Paste magazine to arrive. Opportunities to hear really interesting and cool new music is a rarity, but good music does wonders for my soul. I'm always on the look out for new and inspiring music. Lately, I've been on folk kick, but as summer progresses I'm moving towards my beloved Bossa Nova.

I love your music selection and if you haven't checked out these artist yet you should really give them a listen:
Piers Faccini
Andrew Bird
Oren Lavie
Zee Avi
( all on a folk-y vibe but great)

Geez, I could talk music all day( as you can tell), but I wont bore you. Great post!!

oh, I checked out your photography blog...beautiful stuff. You are very gifted. Natural? Classes? or combo of both. No matter because your pictures are lovely.

Anonymous said...

You ladies out in California have great music to listen to.
Out here we pretty much have bad music except for the stations that play old school stuff.
I like the Neko Case song you put up.