Friday, June 5, 2009


Hi Margaret,
In praying for you and your family, the Lord has shown me a beautiful image of you and Leif reaching out to those whom the church normally would not. That is powerful for the Kingdom of God and a ministry in great need. Keep seeking Him for your calling in Christ Jesus.

Last night someone sent me this message and it really meant a lot to me. First, that someone was praying specifically for Leif and I, and that God put this on their heart. And second, that He has a plan for us. Ever since we found out about Monterey I felt like God was leading us there to do something great for His Kingdom.

Continue to pray.

I love this picture so much.
I feel like it says so much about my relationship with Leif
&the love we share.
I'm happy I get to serve God with him.

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RhodeIslandAlissa said...

How awesome. Keep following God and being faitfhul and He will definitely use you!