Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Celebrating 4 Months!

   Little man, I still can't believe you're ours.  It seems like yesterday that we were bringing you home from the hospital.  I still remember when Riley saw you for the first time and couldn't believe you were ours to keep! She loves you so much.  I know you know this.  At playdates she's constantly checking on you and giving you kisses to remind you that she's watching out for you. If anyone even comes close to you she pushes them away and comforts you with a pat on the hand. Even though you didn't mind.

   You're a people person and you hate being alone.  Its cute. If you're ever left by yourself you get the saddest little face and let out the most pitiful whimper. Lucky for you you get to share a room with Riley!   You're happiest when you're with Riley and in someones arms. You love to cuddle, much more than Riley ever did so I'm taking advantage of it while I can!  You're like Riley, loving people and smiling at everyone who talks to you.  You're such a content and happy baby.

 Except when you get shots.  It breaks my heart taking you to get shots. You're a bit more sensitive than Riley was so it really caught me off guard when you started screaming after your most recent shots. I cried a little too because I felt terrible... You were smiling up at me and the nurse then a minute later your face was so red. I'm sorry baby boy. I'm dreading going back in two months.  Just remember, mommy loves you so much!

  I love listening to you babble. Its adorable! And you have so much to say.  How does someone so tiny already have so much to share? My favorite is when you and Riley laugh  together in the backseat while I'm driving.  Everyday you interact with us more and more. Its exciting to watch you change. I thought, because I had been through all of this before, it wouldn't be that exciting. But it is! I'm having so much fun. Thank you son.  Thanks for making life even better than it was.  You're the sweetest little baby and I can't get enough of you.

Happy 4 Months Mister.

I love you. Everything about you.  Lets cuddle!


Patty said...

Sooooo sweet!! Happy four months :-)

Kacie said...

Happy 4 months!

Rana said...

Happy 4 months! Every time I stop by he is cuter than the last time I saw him.

ValeriesWorld said...

He is so adorable!