Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Life is good.

  I'm sitting here watching my children interact with each other and I'm in total awe.  What is this life I find myself leading? A very blessed one I think.  One that is never short of adventures and always has snacks included.  I watch my daughter read to Beck and point things out to him.  He beams of course because Riley is his favorite person and shes spending time with him.  I listen to her tell him all about the animals in her book and he laughs and babbles along with her.  Its one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

  Its hard to remember life before babies.  I miss it from time to time but not enough to wish that life back.  Three years ago we were talking about marriage and babies.  Talking about how we couldn't wait to be forever roommates and raise children together.  Now we find ourselves about to celebrate our 3rd year of marriage, with two adorable children, and living in our second home together. We've learned that life doesn't wait on you, it just seems to happen. So many times we've mapped out plans for ourselves, for our family and over and over again we've watched those plans fall apart or change.  We never mind though because God seems to always have something better waiting for us. Both my children were these better plans that were given to us.

  I am so grateful for the eloping, the surprise pregnancies, the job losses, the moving, 
the really good times and the really bad.
Without those experiences we wouldn't be here today
with these sweet babies who just so happen to be the 
perfect mix of Leif & I

I love my little family.


Hipstercrite said...

man, these photos just warmed my heart! thanks for sharing them. you are indeed blessed.

Young Mom/Wife said...

What amazing photos of your adorable children! I especially love the last one.

Megan Marie said...

LOVE that last photo of them together! What a beautiful life you are living!

Patty said...

I sure know what you mean about making plans and God having different ones (better ones ;-). SO happy for your little family!

Meant to be a mom said...

Seriously could your kids be any more adorable!!
I mean it, Every time I see pics of them I just say "AWE". They are precious.

Isn't it amazing though, how fast time passes. I know exactly what you mean about this post. You truly can't ever plan things out. Because God definitely has his own plans for us.
I'm so glad your past and present have been so amazing to you. :)

Felicia Roach said...

I love reading your notes of joy and happy moments with your family. Even the times when you are down or upset there is still a light beaming from you and I know you are going to come out with a peace and love for the things in your life. Be blessed and I am taken some of that blessing and going to pass it to someone else. Love you

Amber said...

It is hard to see our own plans we make for ourselves unravel sometimes...but I am just starting to learn that it is usually for the best lol.

Your children are adorable as always. Thanks for making me smile :)