Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Day in Portland

Below are a few photos we took in Portland... Which happens to be my favorite city ever! Seattle gets second:) We had started the day off with our good friends who live right outside of Portland, and then met up with my wonderful and talented friend Moorea. I know I've blogged about her before. She's brilliant! And beautiful. Inside and out.

    Everything about Portland to me, is perfect.  Its right by the river and its surrounded by trees. I'm used to L.A. which isn't half as clean as Portland, and there are very few trees surrounding it.  The atmosphere  is wonderful and you hardly ever meet a mean person.  Everyone is just different in Portland.  Or I want them to be... I think that everyone needs to visit. Or even live. I hope and pray that if we move to Oregon we get to move to Portland.  I love it. 

  We spent another day in the city, just Leif and I.  We were there from about 9:30 until 7pm.  And we weren't tired yet. Every time I go into the city I get on this high and I don't want to leave.  The shopping is amazing, the food is even better and I really enjoy the people watching you can do.  People say Portland is weird, I say its awesome. 


Amber said...

I love going into the city. Of course it makes me anxious at times because there is so much going on but my love for the city overpowers it. The people, the buildings, the food..love it.

What is your all time favorite City? Portland now? Or?

So far I would have to say mine is San Francisco...sounds like I need to check out Portland though :)

Love your pictures as always.

Amber said...

I don't know when you are returning home but let me know if you are passing through Sacramento! :)

Anonymous said...

Found you on Black Love Poster, gorgeous hair and beautiful family!!

Meant to be a mom said...

It sounds like such a great trip. I'm glad you guys had such a nice time.

I absolutely love all the pictures you took. You are very talented at capturing such beautiful images :)

Dana said...

Lovely photos.