Friday, July 23, 2010

Behind on posting!

 A life update: My son recently turned 5 months and my daughter is about to turn 20 months in 3 days.  My photography business is going well.  I'm loving the work that comes with it and the great people I get to spend time with.  I've been trying to invest time into my relationships, truly invest in them and its been amazing.  I'm thriving. I'm living. I love the being busy.  I'm learning to be content where I am and I'm feeling the blessings.  God's gracious and oh so good to us.  I would have never chosen to live in Monterey on my own but everyday I begin to love it a little more.  I'm at the place where I am thankful for living here.  I used to hate the fact that I had to live amongst so much military, I hate goodbyes.  Now, I love that I get to meet so many different people that in any other situation I probably wouldn't be friends with.  When Leif and I talk about Oregon I actually get nervous about not having a base close by to find friends! :)

  This weekend will be mellow so I can actually sit down and write a detailed blog post. I really do miss blogging and my poor parents have been begging for pictures... I am sorry I've become busy! Soon though!

 [So I was trying to post pictures everyday from our trip in Oregon and I think I confused people and they think we're there now? Oh well... I'm just going to have to do one big post and if you can't follow it well its my fault for not updating when we were actually in Oregon]


Amber said...

Oops lol I was one of those confused followers. My bad! Loved the photos you posted though :) Your lil ones are growin up so fast!

So Oregon.. are you going to move there? Did I miss something? lol

Anonymous said...

More pictures of the babies!