Thursday, August 12, 2010

The kids in photos.

   I haven't really taken pictures of the kids as often as I'd like. I took so many of Riley but now that I'm taking pictures of so many other people pictures of the kids kind of come last. I hate that and so I'm attempting to snap a few each day. Here are some I took yesterday:

     My room seems to have the best lighting so the kids and I just hung around on the bed while I snapped a few photos.  Look how beautiful my children are! Definitely gifts from God. I wish that Leif had been home so I could have gotten him in a few photos. I'm trying to take more pictures of him as well.... and myself. These moments as a young family are fleeting and I'd like to document as much of it as possible.  Nothing fancy, just us in the everyday. I'm learning more about myself and learning that those types of photos are my favorite. The photos of people living life. How wonderful and perfect! 


shannon leith said...

yeah girl :) LOVE THESE! gosh, that light in the room is perfect.

Patty said...

beautiful little darlings. they are adorable.