Friday, August 6, 2010

Another life update.

Life lately has been good. I think its been more than good, its been wonderful, perfect and an adventure. How it should be right? Despite not having any sun around here for awhile, I feel as if our spirits are still pretty high:) Today it got to me a bit but I chose not to dwell on those feelings, rather be greatful for the company that I got to spend time with today.

I recently had to say goodbye to my best friend Summer this past weekend. It wasn't the goodbye I would have liked to end our time in Monterey on. I think its because we both assumed we'd be seeing each other the next morning but things didn't work out so the sucky goodbye had to do. In a way it was good because it was like our other goodbyes... like an "Okay I'll see you tomorrow" kind of goodbye. I know I'm going to see her again, hopefully next summer, but either way, we'll see each other again!

Besides seeing another friend go (oh I must write a post about the military life here...), I've been growing. I think Leif has been too. We've learned to be grateful where we are, to embrace what life has to offer us here. It's good for us and we might almost be back to the outlook we originally had when we first moved here. We'll see... For now we're taking it a day at a time, enjoying what God's blessed us with and looking forward.

The kids are also growing. Literally of course. Our baby girl is not really a baby any longer. Her talking is blowing us away, counting and saying abc's. She is mostly potty trained. She caught on really fast and has adjusted well to it. We haven't tried using the potty at night yet, so we'll see how that goes. I do know that I love only having to change one child's diapers! We started giving Riley time outs when she disobeys, just a minute in the corner and that's worked out. She understands it and always comes to us after and says "I sawwwy. I loveeee you" Of course you feel terrible for putting such a perfect child in timeout ;) For awhile Riley was fighting bedtimes but has gone back to her wonderful old ways. And the cutest part about her going to bed is, she'll grab a book and read it in her bed before she lays down and falls asleep. I think it's so adorable! Sometimes she comes to our room early in the morning to sleep with us, but you can get her back into her bed which is a relief to me... Beck is still sleeping part of the night with us so the bed gets crowded!

Beck, my sweet little boy, I could snuggle with you all day! Look how adorable my son is! And he just gets cuter everyday. Beck really is such a sweet baby. He falls in love with everyone and will make you think you're the center of his world. He has tons of smiles to offer and he is so happy just being surrounded by people. Just recently he started rolling around and somehow moving towards things. He takes his time and just enjoys everything. He is in no rush. We started him on solids and he is loving it. He cries when Riley has food and can't give it to him. The other day I walked into the living room and caught Riley feeding Beck her yogurt. He was in heaven. I think my favorite thing is when they sleep next to each other in our bed and cuddle. Oh, and when they "talk" to each other in the car. I love my babies together! Beck is still an excellent sleeper. Finally figured out his schedule and it works out that him and Riley take their afternoon nap together. 2 hours of me time! Thank you children!

All in all things are going well. We haven't really seen the sun around these parts in awhile, but we're hoping that summer will finally start sometime soon here in Monterey!


Anonymous said...

Such beautiful children. You and your husband are blessed.

J said...

They are looking so much alike these days!

I've been looking at your photography site as well, you are so talented my dear friend!

Sorry the commenting has gone to the shitter, I'm a busy gal! :)

The Bailey Family said...

You have the most beautiful children! Glad to see updates. I've been so busy and have been trying to get back in to posting regularly, too!

Patty said...

Your family is adorable! You two are truly blessed!!! Sorry to hear about your friend leaving. That is not easy at all!!