Friday, August 20, 2010

Riley & Beck

     I had to take a picture of this because Beck looks huge! And it feels like yesterday when he could fit his whole body on my chest.  I always wanted to point out how different my children are.  This is an example of Becks easy going-ness(?) He can fall asleep anywhere and be content. He can also sleep through almost anything.  Riley on the other hand, once she was about 5 months old refused to sleep anywhere other than her crib for the most part. Sure she fell asleep in the carseat but would always wake up when I brought her in.  There was even a period of time where I couldn't shower while she napped because she'd wake up.  She is a lot more picky and particular with things, while Beck just goes with the flow.  I like how different my children are. Riley is more independent and can fall asleep on her own no problem. Beck is clingy and hates being alone, so I had to start training him to fall asleep on his own really early on. I wish that Riley would fall asleep on me, but I am grateful that she likes to wrap her arms around my neck while she sleeps. Such a big improvement from when she was a baby:) I'm also happy that my son appreciates me enough to cuddle up to me all the time.

  And how fun is that our children have such different personalities?

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