Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gratitude Thursday

   I'm bringing Gratitude Thursdays back! 
I have been grumpy grumpy lately and I remembered that whenever I would 
think of things I was grateful for it'd instantly turn my mood around:) 

Today, I am grateful for the sun that was out for a little this morning. The sun is one
of my biggest motivators!
I'm grateful for the kids napping at the same time so I could spend sometime with Charlie and have some hot chocolate! 
I'm grateful for our new tv because now we can watch movies without subtitles! 
I am grateful for the downtime I've had so I can get back into baking and cooking.
I'm grateful for my creative and wonderful friends that keep inspiring me and encouraging me.
I am grateful for the opportunities I'm getting because of photography. 
I am grateful for warm blankets and seasons of Law & Order on netflix:)!
I am grateful the things that are going to come this year. 


Yvonne said...

I'm so glad you brought this oldie but goodie back. And I think this year I'll join you. Oh, and that Charlie makes me want to run out and get another pound puppy. Happy New Year girlie and make it a good one!!!

Amber said...

Your posts are always so positive I can't ever imagine you being grumpy lol Plus they make me smile and remember what I should be grateful for :). I gotta know..what is your absolute most favorite thing to bake?

Patty said...

Is that your dog and is his name Charlie?! My dog looks almost just like him and his name is Charlie too!! :-)