Thursday, February 26, 2009


Leif and I are in the process of taking bigger steps to get ourselves out of debt and to save money. We have goals for ourselves and our family. Leif would like to further his education in computers since that's what he does at JPL. Then eventually, hopefully be able to go back and get his M.A in Psychology, since well that's what he went to college for. I want to finish school but need to find a new major since my old one was limited to Biola and other private Christian schools. We want to be able to buy house, but only after debt has been taken care of. Thankfully I'm not having to pay off any of my school loans (Thank you wonderful parents) and so we only have to deal with Leifs. A year from now a big portion of our credit cards will hopefully be paid off and we'll have saved a bit of money.

To get to the places we would like to, it calls for sacrifice right now. Sacrifice is not always something I enjoy. Somedays are better than others. I think its hard to keep sacrificing when you don't see any change happening. I expect this BIG change right away, but sometimes its gradual. And with our current situation that's how it is.

Leif and I made a big decision to downsize from our current apartment to a smaller one. I had a really hard time with this. One, because I love my apartment. Its the first place I've ever lived on my own and called my home. Second, its so big and comfortable. I like being comfortable. I love all the space. But the smaller apartment is a smarter choice because: It costs less. Ugh. It still has two rooms and we'll be getting hardwood floors and ceiling fans. So I can't be that upset about it:) We also feel this is the way God is leading us. We can't really say no to Him, and we don't want to.

I know that in the long run this is what's best for our family and where we're headed. I know I'll look back a year from now and be so grateful we did this. Thanks for your prayers and encouragement. I really appreciate them:)


Anonymous said...

All the changes that we go through to better the lives of our children. I love that you are willing to make the sacrifices but I know how hard it can be. My hubby and I are now cutting back and it's so hard not to be able to get what I want when i want it. Tell you what....Your family will be in my prayers as long as my family is in yours.


etc at Fierce and Nerdy said...

My husband and I recently came to the same conclusion -- that we need to make some cutbacks -- and I have been struggling with our decision. But at the end of the day, we'd rather have quality time with our future children, rather than breaking our backs to maintain our current lifestyle.

The decision you've made will up the quality to your life. Quality isn't cheap, but quantity is almost never worth it in the end.

You've made the right decision. Don't fret.