Sunday, May 3, 2009

God is in control!

God has given me peace. A lot of it.

Leif will no longer have a job come June 11. There's no more funding for his position and they're over budget. Its understandable, no one is concerned with giving NASA money because there are more important things to spend money on at the moment. We found this out on Tuesday and at first I cried and was upset. But then I spoke with my mom and she told me I had a choice: "I could mope or I could trust God". I decided to Trust. So while Leif and I could be complaining, stressing about money, worrying, etc. We have chosen to allow God to do His job. We have chosen to trust Him with everything and continue to live our lives knowing that He is good and He will take care of us.

With this choice God has given me peace. I have no fear. I simply have hope. I also have excitement:) While this is very unexpected, we're seeing it as a blessing in disguise. We're considering so many different options. School being the top one. Leif was a psychology major and has wanted to go back to school since he graduated two and a half years ago. We're talking about grad school. Should he pursue a MA or a MA & a Phd? Where would that put our family for 2 or 5 years? We are talking about what we should do, where we should go, but we don't want to forget that God is the one who is really in control and at the end of the day we're going to end up where He wants us, and doing what He wants us to do.

Tonight was a bit hard though because we've become so involved with our church and have grown close with so many people. It really hit me tonight, after I spent a weekend at church, that I might not be here for much longer. That I won't be around all the wonderful people that bless me so much in so many ways! Its hard for me to imagine leaving this community that God has blessed us with. I've never felt apart of a family and community like this and it scares me a bit to leave it. I love church, I love being surrounded by people that are constantly uplifting me and encouraging me. Leif and I are finding ourselves being blessed always. Why do we have to leave?!

At the same time, I know Leif and I will leave the church knowing that we have learned a lot. Although we haven't been there for very long, we have learned so much. Especially me. The women in the church have been great examples of godly wives and godly mothers. They are godly women. The type of woman I am striving to be everyday! I know God is good and He will guide Leif and I to a church that He wants us to be part of.

While its a bit daunting not knowing what our future looks like, where money will be coming from, its so comforting to know that God is bigger than job loss:) When we were in this situation last year He took care of us. Why wouldn't He do it again? We know He will!


Please keep us in your prayers, we appreciate them. We definitely believe that when two or more are gathered, prayers are answered!


Kate said...

This is so precious. Amen to trusting in God. What a breathe of fresh air it is to read about someone (you) trusting in God instead of freaking out and worrying about what the future holds. Not that it's easy, but man, so necessary.

I love how God takes care of us and sometimes puts us on the edge of our seats :)

We are trying to do the same thing. I love you already, friend :)

Jacqueline said...

I'm so glad you guys have peace about everything. You all are awesome. :)

Samaria said...

I need to take a page from your book and realize that God is in control and I need to learn to trust him. I really love reading your posts they always make me think about myself and how I can easily fall into this woe is me situation and the reality is I need to stop it. So I want to thank you for inspiring me to trust God. And as you know I'm sure God will take care of you guys.

Chanel said...

im sorry to hear about this but you will be ok!!