Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Good Friends and Food.

I have good friends. Really, I have wonderful friends. And my favorite thing to do with friends is cook & eat.

Last night two of my favorite people came over and made us dinner. We went to Trader Joes, picked up some things, & got some Champagne to make mimosas. What followed was a lovely Chinese dinner outside on the patio. So perfect in so many ways! I'm blessed!

I think not being able to have dinner parties, or Family Sunday Dinners will be one of the hardest parts of moving. Its such a big part of our lives and it'll be weird not being able to throw one of these dinners together. Thank God for trains, buses and cars:) And I'm already thanking God for the people He'll bring into our lives when we move.


Sarah+2girls said...

Moving away from friends and family is *very* hard! We just did that in November. We love the place we live in though. The only negative I can think of is that our families aren't close by anymore.

It is tough, but I think you guys are too! Just keep being positive and you'll be fine :)

Riley is such a little cutie.

Chanel said...

wow seriously, i don't think it's possible for your child to be any cuter and beautiful than she already is and yet everytime i see a picture of her...