Thursday, August 13, 2009

Blood Red Sun

There's a fire in the Santa Cruz mountains right now, which is less than an hour away from us. Ash has been falling all day, and the weather's been unusually warm. After work today, I decided we should go down to the beach, and even though Margaret was tired from watching Riley all day, she agreed. Unfortunately, the pictures aren't showing up here as vividly as they do on my computer, but you can get an idea from the images below. I didn't photoshop them at all; no adjustments whatsoever. I love the way the sun looks during a forest fire, and how it adds a warm glow to everything in the evening. When it reflected off the ocean, it was beautiful. Somehow the light was concentrated in one spot in the middle of the bay that looked like a small pool of fire. Tonight reminded me of how much I like living in Monterey. I don't know if we'll stay here long, but I won't mind if we do.

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Beautiful Pictures