Sunday, August 2, 2009


Sometimes my husband surprises me with dinner... and sometimes its nachos! I like when he throws things together for me and makes me sit at the table with my eyes closed. It was such a fun meal after a not so fun day:)

Update on Riley: So after I posted about Riley being so sick she woke up smiling. She played until her bathtime and even a little bit after that. Her nose was still runny and the cough was there but she was in a much better mood. This means she's feeling better. This morning she woke up the way she does every morning, happy and laughing. Still a bit sick but a lot better than yesterday. Me on the other hand, I woke up with her cold. I'm grateful that its Sunday and Leif will be here to take care of me.

Husbands are blessings.


Anonymous said...

I feel like such a stalker, but glad that Riley is feeling better and that you, too have a husband that can take charge in the kitchen...I SO love that in a man!!! Feel better! Gina

Anonymous said...

Husbands are blessings. You are so lucky to have your own personal chef.
Glad Riley is feeling better. Hope you get better too.

.black.girl. said...

how cute!!! i love nachos!

and i'm glad that riley's feeling better- i hope you do too!!!

The Costume Mistress said...

Leif is such a man. congrats on such a good catch.
Glad to hear Riley is doing better now