Friday, October 23, 2009

Gratitude Thursday... on Friday.

I'm thankful for my baby girls smile
and for her silly giggles and laughs.
I'm thankful for her constant good mood, despite having molars coming in.
I'm thankful for how excited she gets about going out to the store or outside period.
I'm thankful for her hugs and kisses that she gives me out of the blue.
I'm thankful for the way her face lights up whenever she sees daddy.
I'm thankful for her happy squeals in the morning when we let her join us in bed.
I'm so thankful for being blessed with such a happy baby that finds joy in everything.

I want to find joy in everything.

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Jaclyn said...

Hi, I'm Lindsay Pruitt's younger sister. She connected me with your blog. And I just wanted to say that this entry was absolutely precious. Thanks for sharing... I honestly enjoyed it :)