Thursday, October 8, 2009

Gratitude Thursday.


I'm thankful for cold mornings that require blankets.
I'm thankful for Trader Joes Mac and Cheese.
I'm thankful for quiet time with God.
I'm thankful for lazy days spend in pajamas.
I'm thankful for a clean home.
I'm thankful for prayers that have been and will be answered.
I'm thankful for Hulu.
I'm thankful for lunch times with Riley.
I'm thankful for seeing another day.

And thanks for the book suggestions! I'm going to let you know when I read them!


Nat. M. said...

everyday Riley gets more and more beautiful :) congrats on everything.

Suki said...

I'm thankful for posts like this one, which remind us all to be grateful for all the good things!


Frank Gruber said...

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