Friday, January 22, 2010

Baby photos.

I found these today when I was going through Riley's baby photos. I'm getting really excited to have a little baby around again:) I'm also excited to take pictures of the new little baby. I forgot how easy it is to take photos when they can't move all over the place.
She's such a daddys girl
I love when she makes this face.

And just because she's cute:
Watching the rain and hail


Kristal said...


The Bailey's said...

That second picture makes me take a second to appreciate the miracle that is a sweet, innocent baby. She is just beautiful! Can't wait to see the new creation! :)

Lindsay said...

Wow! She is such a beautiful baby girl. Can't wait to see pictures of the new little guy!

My Bestfriend's Little Sister(MBLS) said...

Your pictures are just so beautiful! You've inspired me to try and improve my photography! Your blog is just so beautiful!