Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Little Reader.

Riley loves to read and be read to. Most of her playtime is spent having me read to her or her sitting in a pile of books "reading" to herself. She'll read to her stuffed animals, to me while I'm cleaning or cooking, to Leif while he lays on the couch. To anyone that will listen really.

Although she'll make me re-read books to her over and over, I don't mind too much. I really enjoy watching her get excited to turn the pages, and listening to her laugh when she points something out in the book. I will never get tired of reading to Riley.


Sara said...

All I can ever think of to say when I see pictures of Riley is just how freaking adorable she is.

I'm sure you hear that a lot, but it doesn't make it any less true!

ddbug said...

How neat that she loves books so much!!
I read to Elliott all the time, but his idea of reading is to rip the pages. LOL I look forward to the days when he really sits and listens to the stories I read. For now, he loves his board books. Like Riley, he will open a book and start to "talk", as if he is telling a story himself. So adorable.
Riley is such a beautiful little girl, you are so blessed.
:) And you take such great pictures of her! :)

Chanel said...

reading is a beautiful thing! i hope she keeps it up for a lifetime

Moorea Seal said...

yay for little readers! i'm so glad she digs it so much! reading and talking are SO IMPORTANT to kids. it will be pay off soooo much when she is older!

Yet said...

Oh man! i was just like that when I was little! Awwww!