Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gratitude Thursday: Surprise!

I'm grateful for the girls here in Monterey.

Last night was girls night out, and what I thought was simply dinner at a Japanese restaurant, really turned out to be a baby shower for me! So fun:) I have wonderful friends here in Monterey. I love them dearly. I really wasn't expecting a baby shower this time around so it was a nice surprise. Like really, what a wonderful way to show a friend you care. Plus we didn't have to play any ridiculous games, just sit around and enjoy each others company. Very refreshing.

I'm so blessed to have met the women that I did when I moved here. They have helped make my transition to Monterey so much more enjoyable. I hate thinking about the fact that most of them will be leaving in the next few months though. Why must the military take away my best friends?! Despite impending departures, I am happy with the time we've shared and the times we'll share in the future.

I am constantly thanking God for their friendship.


The Bailey's said...

Because of my background (long story) I have lots of military wives as friends. What's funny is that my original friends were all their husbands, who are the ones serving! What a blessing to be friends with both!

What will be wonderful is when these women return for a visit and you get together and feel like no time has passed while you were apart. That's my favorite thing about good friends! :)

Baby Wanted said...

How sweet! Sounds like the baby shower was a hit and I also don't like playing those games. I would be just as happy enjoying my friends!

stacy di said...

how fun...and what a nice surprise!