Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sleep Methods.

I like to think that Leif and I are doing pretty well at parenting Riley. I also like to think that we did an excellent job with getting her to sleep through the night as soon as we did. Yet, if we're doing such a great job why is she now insisting on sleeping with us?

When Riley was sick about two weeks ago she had a cough which lead to her wheezing. We were in Southern California and instead of having her sleep in her pack-and-play we had her sleep with us. We didn't think anything of it because we do this from time to time. When we got back to Monterey she was breathing a bit better so we put her in her pack-and-play in our room. After visiting the doctor and getting medicine to help with the wheezing (turns out her cold caused asthma), we put her to bed in her crib, in her own room.

Riley never fights us when its time for bed so that first night she went back into the crib, we went about our night routine. Checking ebay and blogs, eating snacks, playing games together, cleaning the kitchen... But then when we are about to go to bed, Riley wakes up screaming. She refuses to be consoled and keeps pointing at the door. Usually that means she wants some milk, so we take her out of the crib and assume she's going to head to the kitchen. Instead, she heads to our room and to our bed. Part of me just wants to let her sleep with us because I'm tired and don't feel like staying up any later. I know though that if I give in just this once I'll probably give in many more times. So we put her back in her crib and let her cry... and scream. For awhile. Leif eventually goes in there and then she finally falls asleep.

When she was smaller letting her cry it out was a lot easier. She would only do it for about 10 minutes then be knocked out. She also didn't really have the concept down that if she cries it means she'll get to sleep with mommy and daddy. Now, letting her cry it out is the last option for us. Letting her sleep with us is a last option as well though. I'm kind of at a loss of what to do. I don't really have a problem with letting my child cry at night unless she's sick or really in need of something. Normally I wouldn't mind the loss of sleep but I'm trying to get in all the sleep I can before Beck arrives.

I think the timing for Riley to refuse to sleep in her crib is perfect:) I mean, I can handle sharing a bed with two kids and a husband right? Thankfully, it hasn't been every night that Riley has been insisting on sleeping in our bed. And the nights that she does, we let her fall asleep then transfer her to the crib.

It really is the cutest thing though when Leif brings her into our bed and she's so excited. She always hugs my neck and falls asleep next to me. So while ideally, I'd like her to spend every night in her own bed, I'm enjoying how much she loves being close to me.

What sleep method did you use with your child/children?

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Sharon said...

When we placed my younger daughter in her "big girl" bed, she would get up in the middle of the night and get in bed with us. At first, we tried fighting it. But eventually, we gave and and let her stay in bed with us. My husband said to me one day that he thought that I wasn't going to allow the baby to sleep with us. I responded by telling him that one day she wouldn't want to have us around. Well, here it is 12 years later. She hasn't slept with us in years. She would rather not go to the mall, than to be seen in the mall with me. I miss the days when she would climb in bed between us while we were sleeping. The time they are little is so short. I wish I could go back to the time when her biggest worries were that she couldn't find her "blankie.""
I hope this helps.