Saturday, October 23, 2010

&I celebrate.

      Here is to text messages that simply read: I love you. To the friends that got married today {congrats!}To husbands that change plans to help out. To knowing a best friend called. To long letters from good friends that no matter how little you talk, you will forever be close. To friends who are in love and moving forward in relationships. Here is to clean houses and dinners with friends. To weekends spent together, be it cooking, cleaning, lounging... together. Here is to skyping and chatting with siblings. To working out with friends, sweating and laughing together. To emails from friends far away. To baking and enjoying. Here is to growing. To staying positive amidst trials and tough places. To those that build you up, and encourage. Here is to my family and my friends. How blessed is a person to have relationships with those that will love them unconditionally.

  I celebrate tonight. Celebrate the little victories (really they're the most important, and big steps. I am thankful for today and excited for tomorrow:)!

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Jay said...

I loved this. Here's to being thankful for today! Cheers!