Wednesday, October 27, 2010


       My mom called me the other day after I sent her a video of the kids playing together. She sounded  so sad and said she was really missing the kids :( It made me so sad. This is something I struggle with daily. Being apart from the kids grandparents. I'm constantly telling Leif how I hate that they're missing out on the kids growing up. To me it just doesn't seem fair and why must plane tickets be so expensive?! I am grateful for skype and for camera phones. I try to send a few photos and videos to both sets of parents on a daily basis. Hopefully that helps and they can get an idea of how the kids are growing. I've been praying about it a lot, praying that doors would open that would make traveling to grandparents easier... That there would be opportunities for us to visit with grandparents in Oregon and in L.A.  I've been stressing out because we aren't suppose to be visiting Oregon until maybe the spring of next year and I hate the idea of that much time passing before my in-laws see Beck and Riley. Beck will be one and Riley will be going on two and a half! I want them to see Beck before he's a toddler :( He's such a sweet baby and the baby stage only lasts for so long.

  God's good though. If we have to wait until spring we have to wait until spring. He has a plan and I need to remember to trust that. Grandparents, know that your grandchildren love you all so much!


Anonymous said...

Margaret: Sorry you can't be closer to your family and the kids grandparents. However, I want to think you for your blog and your wonderful photos. They are so inspiring. You truly are a great mother and an amazing person. Continue writing and taking beautiful pictures - you never know how much they touch others.

Mrs. K said...

Your kids are so precious. I can only imagine how difficult it must be. My hubby and I live away from our families and it's difficult even though we don't have kids. I pray you find a happier solution soon :)

Yet said...

So, are you still in Europe?