Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Enter this!

   Okay so I usually don't blog about others giveaways... Mostly because I read about them AFTER the fact:) But a friend of mine, who happens to be SO creative and talented, is about to launch her new website this week! In honor of that she's doing a giveaway of the headband above. Beautiful right? I think so! Soo head on over to her blog: Tasteful Tatters Blog and enter the giveaway:) I know I have a few followers so I'd like to see all of you that take the time to read my blog, to hit up her blog! Plus I'd like to see one of you win! Let me know if you enter!

Other ways you can check out Tasteful Tatters:

{p.s. I got to shoot all the photos that will be in her new lookbook! I'm so excited about it!}
{p.s.s. Yes, I took the above photo. Beautiful model right?!}

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