Friday, March 11, 2011

Grown up Beck.

(ugh the quality is so bad :( )

      Today Beck officially started walking.  And when I say officially I mean he's actually walking everywhere. He's still doing some crawling but preferring to walk.  I cried. Which is not like me.  I've cried so many times with Beck.  To me he's stayed a baby longer than Riley did, and he's never been in a rush to grow up like my daughter. He's patiently sat on my lap while I work and cuddled with me every night.  I still remember when he said his first word "uh oh" a few months back and has now added "Thank you" and "more" to the list.  He's in no hurry to be bigger yet it feels like he's grown so fast.  I know that I've coddled him and tried to keep him little for as long as possible, but I can't help it. I wish you could see the way he loves and appreciates me.  That sounds weird but its the truth.  Our relationship is so special.  Its the relationship that Leif and Riley have, the one I envied. That's not to say Riley and I don't have our own relationship, but with Beck its different.  I'm his best friend and was his favorite playmate, haha. Riley has definitely taken on that role now that he's older.

  While I'm sad that kids grow up so fast, I love all the memories we've shared and will continue to share.  Thank you Beck for completing our family.


Mae said...

Cherish each moment. I look at my son, who will be 14 this year, and long for the days when I could pick him up and snuggle him in my arms. He now has a voice deeper than I ever imagined he would, and will overtake me in height this year. But I am trying to enjoy the good and the teenage "bad" of this time, cause sooner that I think, he will be an adult and out in the world on his own.

Enjoying your blog, as always!!

Rania said...

Enjoy all of the relationships between you and the kids and the closeness between them. It's a special time.