Monday, March 14, 2011

A New Season

     A new season is beginning.  I feel it.  Do you ever just feel that way? That change is coming? That everything you've known for the last few months will no longer be? I suddenly feel as if the trials I experienced have prepared me for whats next.  Today I felt God put on my heart: "You are prepared. You weren't ready before but now you are".  I feel at peace in a way I hadn't before and I feel as if the last few months, the hardships, the pain, the tears, the work, it was worth it just to hear that I'm ready.

  I wish I knew what I was ready for :) But I'm definitely celebrating this new season that will be coming.  A new leaf has been turned over it seems.  How fitting that spring is coming... Winter is ending, things are becoming new again.  New meaning has been given to my life and breathing fresh air never felt so wonderful. God is always so faithful and His timing so perfect. I know this, yet I fight and I question.  I am so grateful for His patience :)!

    I wish I could describe this breakthrough in my life.  I can say though, as soon as I gave up trying to make things go my way, the minute I allowed God to take control things began to change.  When I mean change I don't mean this physical change, but more of an emotional & spiritual change that has in turn over flowed into my marriage, my parenting, my home, my relationships, my health, my business... Its the whole working on your heart, and how you are on the inside so that it then shows on the outside.  BASICALLY: I can't do any of this on my own. I need to lean on God always.  He's my strength.


Anonymous said...

I love when a new season starts because it makes me feel as though it's time for the new (and also because I'm tired of the old season). Spring is starting on the 20th, and I'm sooooooo ready :)

BTW, cute pictures!

Amy said...

It's Spring time! I'm glad you are feeling better. Maybe the cold dreary winter was contributing to you feeling down. By the way I love Riley's afro puff. Her hair has grown so much@

Rania said...

Glad to see you feeling better and back at it! :)
The babies are growing up so fast!

Natural Homeschool Mama said...

Thanx for sharing how God is bringing you back to that place once you released it all to Him. I am still in the "releasing" stage and it's comforting to hear how it is all fitting together for you. Encourages me to keep on trusting Him. :-)