Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gratitude Thursday

I am grateful for warm weather and swimming pools.
I am grateful for a dishwasher.
I am grateful for Ben Gibbard and his clever lyrics.
I am grateful for my husbands job that makes it possible for him to eat lunch with me
and spend every weekend with me.
I am grateful for the ocean and its breeze.
I am grateful for the new friends I've made here in Monterey.
I am grateful for the photo opportunities I've been given.
I am grateful for hashbrowns and orange juice.


Patty said...

this is sweet :-) i love having lunc with randy too

Chanel said...

i love ben gibberd. saw him in concert 2 years ago. the lyrics sound awesome coming straight from his mouth

Anonymous said...

I love it!! Can I play? I'm grateful for my kids laughter, my husbands laid back attitude and instant pancake mix. I guess I'm easy to please....wink

Milk and Honey Mommy said...

I haven't heard of Ben Gibbard (I'll have to check him out), but I'm also glad for my dishwasher. I vowed to never move again into a home w/o a dishwasher.

Eating lunch and spending the weekend w/your husband are definite winners.

Design it Chic said...

Oh this is such cute initiative! Great list of things to be grateful for! Thanks for sharing!
Oh and you may want to stop by to check the simple upgrade i have up and running!Happy Labor Day!