Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Housewife

I'm in the process of learning how to be a good housewife. Its not that my mother didn't teach me how to keep a home. She did. She taught me how to clean, how to cook, how to take care of laundry and such. But I'm just learning now how much goes into keeping up a home. Its not doing the dishes once a week, or the laundry every once in awhile. Its a constant on going process. No matter how much I get done there is always something else that needs cleaning.

I'm also learning how to fit in this job of housewife in with my other two jobs as wife and mother. I have learned that naptime makes for a wonderful time to clean. I can't believe how much I can get done within two hours. I am learning that maybe my laundry needs to be done more often and the dishes can also be done sooner than later. Its taken a little time for me to catch on, and sometimes I'm discouraged when I talk to other women. I feel like they're super woman and I'm just failing at this, haha:) Today is definitely one of those days when I feel like no matter how hard I try my house will never stay clean.

I do think that some women have an easier time adjusting to the role as housewife. I am not one of them. I do not enjoy all of the tasks that come along with being a housewife. Some women enjoy it. It takes a lot of discipline on my part to do laundry, and sweep. Thankfully I have a very understanding husband who helps me out when he cans. He never complains when things are undone, instead offers to help me out. I'm so blessed.

Although there is always some type of house work to be done, I am trying to remember to just stop and take time to be with my Father, my husband and my baby. Housework will always be here, but these moments won't. And I may not be the perfect housewife but I'm trying here!

What are you favorite chores/lease favorite to do around the house?


Life Happens During Naptime said...

I could have written this! Being home all day and having to responsibility to keep everything clean is so hard for me. I mean, its not hard to keep things organized, but the actual vaccuming, dusting, and scrubbing does not come naturally to me. Laundry is my favorite chore, and dishes are my least favorite. Dishes seem to be never-ending. Laundry is the same way, but I just don't find the process quite as "painful."

Kristin said...

I feel the exact same way! It was and still is an adjustment for me. Some weeks I am on fire and feel so proud of myself because I am on top of everything but then I have weeks like the week im in now, where everything seems to slack and I just cant get back into that rhythm again. You are not the only one! I think its a constant learning process. Im not even a mom yet and I can only imagine how much harder it will get. Hang in there, you are doing the best you can! Love reading your updates. They always encourage me. :)

Moorea Seal said...

I hate putting away clean laundry so much. SO much. I think the reason is because I am a perfectionist and I want everything to be folded perfectly and put away in perfect order, color coordinated, and all that OCD jazz. but once its away, folded perfectly, color coded and coordinated, oh snap I am happy as a clam. Its the things I hate doing the most that in the end make me feel the most satisfied. Try and see how many times you can accomplish things during the day that, after each task, you feel really satisfied.
Its so easy for me to see what I don't want to do. I have to always remember, Moorea, just try to make a tally of most accomplishments achieved. it feels better. I have to reward myself.

Dan and Ashley said...

I love to vaccuum. I even got a handvac for my birthday...and love it!
On the other hand, cleaning the bathroom is quite possibly the worst thing to have to do. Wet hair. Ew.

Milk and Honey Mommy said...


Yeah. Twitching your nose, blinking your eyes, etc. doesn't get the work done. It is amazing what does go into keeping house. I am just now getting into the groove of cleaning, but it never ends. I find myself cleaning up from breakfast only to create and have to do the lunch dishes soon after. I'm getting better at the chores.

Surprisingly, I'm enjoying cooking a lot more than I thought I would and washing clothes is a breeze. It's the folding and ironing of the clothes that I need to learn how to "enjoy" and complete. I've found that if I fold and iron immediately after taking the clothes out of the dryer, it masks the tasks less tedious.

Fortunately, my husband kept a clean home before we were married, so it's not so bad w/the extra help. Hmm...I have three children. I guess they should start earning their keep :).

Yvonne said...

Yeah, I get it!! I'm learning to do things in a manner that my house is always maintained. That being said, I hate all that entails that keeps my house maintained. Now, don't get me wrong I love a clean house, but when I'm the only one trying to keep it that way it does become a bit of a chore. Honestly, its never ending....never ending...never ending...( you get the picture, right?)

A friend of my suggested I check out It's a hooky website that sends about 20 emails a day to remind you to clean certain area's of your house. I was a skeptic now I believe. Seems silly, but it works. Today I got an email to clear the top of my dresser drawers. Dang, how in the world did she know the top of my dresser drawers was an absolute disaster? You know my motto, " A load a day keeps the Chaos away" is courteous of this site. I t keeps me sane and my hubby in clean undies. Its a win win situation.

Candace Benad Wilson said...

I think I've completely entered the darkside because I'm thinking of asking for a Dyson vaccum cleaner for Christmas from my husband. Not diamond earrings, not the Cricut I want for scrapbooking, but a household appliance, lol! I know exactly what you mean, the one chore I hate the most is picking up after my 16 month old, he throws his blocks and legos EVERYWHERE and I hate picking them up at night because I know it's just a mere 12 hours before he throws them all over the house again! :)

joaquindelonte said...

You are definately not alone! I feel the same way. I always kept a clean house before, but every since Joaquin was born it is so hard! It definately is never ending and that exhausts me sometimes, but I feel so much better when the house is clean. If I had to pick I would say that my favorite chore is laundry and my least favorite is dusting (i'm allergic to dust) and oh yah... taking out the diaper pail bag... STINKY!

CW said...

It can be a challenge if one doesn't have a "system"...Now that doesn't have to be a schedule which is dictated by others (However I will check out that 'FlyLady' website)...But when we consistently do a little something each day, the mess will not get out hand...Engage other family members to do their part...Even 2yo's can be taught to pick up their toys...5yo's can dust the table, etc...This begins good habits!