Monday, March 16, 2009

Choosing what's right. Not easy.

Life has become less than perfect in our home. Routines have been broken and we find ourselves, again, adjusting to something new. Sometimes that is embraced, while other times it is met with disdain and frustration. Like recently:) Although it would be easy to choose the road of grumbling and irritation, Leif and I want to choose the one that is a bit harder. Less traveled some would say.

Things haven't been easy around here. Its been starting to show, mostly in the arguments that have been happening between Leif and I over this past week. We've been taking our frustrations with the way things have been these past few weeks out on each other. Today we took time to just talk and be honest with each other. To look at what may be causing the strife. I love that when my husband and I have discussions, they never turn into the blame game. Its very open and we make sure we are truthful with each other. It's always encouraging instead of discouraging. Leif could take this time to tear me down, but he uses the time to build me up. And I hope I do the same for him. I left the discussion knowing what I needed to work and Leif left knowing what he needed to work on. No one was hurt or upset. Thank God:)

We haven't taken the time to talk with each other in the way that we used to and need to. Our main focus lately has been Riley, our apartment, making sure things are in order, work, school... There hasn't really been us-time. Even worse, there hasn't really been any God-time. At the end of our conversation we came to the conclusion that we need to continue to take the time to spend with just each other. Talking. Praying. We also need to take a lot more time to read the Word and pursue our Maker. That's what our marriage is founded on and without that we will not be able to make things work.

We are taking steps to make sure that the arguments happen less. I know we're never going to not argue, but we can make efforts to be a better spouse to each other. We can make sure our actions and our words are uplifting instead of negative. We don't have to take our frustration and anger out on each other. Its easy to do but its not the right thing to do:) I think that we both would rather do the right thing than the easier thing at this point. Our marriage is a way to honor God, not displease Him. Leif and I want everything we do to be something that brings honor and praise to God. A marriage is included in that.

While we have some work cut out for us, we're excited to be back on track. I'm blessed to have the husband I have. I don't like that I take him for granted sometimes... I want to cherish and love him everyday, even on the bad days. I can't do that on my own though. I'm so grateful for a Father who is more than willing to help me.


Megan Marie said...

lovely honesty.

Nikki said...

It's so hard when you have a precious baby. Even if you think you're ready - nothing truly prepares you for the upset that happens in your relationship/marriage. :) You're on the right track!!

Anonymous said...

You guys are on the right track.

Milk and Honey Mommy said...


Wow! You have spoken such truth here. It has taken me a few years into my marriage to remember to invite God into our lives. Often, I take Him for granted, knowing He's there, and forget to ask him to continue to be there, meet w/him, spend more time w/Him, etc. Life does get in the way, but I need Him to get through it all.