Monday, March 30, 2009

Eggs & lights

Just a quick silly post:)

First I made these amazing eggs today with bell peppers and cheese. So good!

And second we got these amazing lights for our apartment. I love them. Leif picked them out. As he does with mostly everything we have in our home... They're great.

I love how they just hang there, wires and bulbs exposed. Its so colorful and quirky.
I love quirky. I was afraid the decorating was becoming a bit too Pottery Barn-ish, and the lights totally tone that down. Yes. Win.


Chanel said...

hahaha potter barn-ish. good job staying creative!! love it

Moorea Seal said...

winner! i love the lights. and i love quirky.

Megan R. said...

Oh, I heart heart big red puffy heart those lights!!! Where did you get them? The eggs look great, too! I love scrambled eggs with salsa!

Leif said...

The colored cords are from Ikea, $3.99 each.

Nikki said...

Ikea! What a place!!!