Sunday, February 21, 2010

Beck Update:)

Holding Beck for the first time.

So... night number two went pretty well. Leif stayed the night so that was a little helpful. Not as helpful as I would have liked though:) He kept falling into a deep sleep and it took so much effort to wake him up... I'm pretty sure it would have been a lot easier to just call the nurses to watch Beck when I needed to use the bathroom or put him back in his bassinet. Right now Beck is on his daddys chest sleeping away. I love it.

Someone warned me that the second night is usually the hardest when it comes to breastfeeding. Thankfully on the breastfeeding front, things went smoothly. Beck continues to latch on without trouble and my milk is starting to come in. The difficult thing about last night though was staying on schedule with feedings. Beck had low blood sugar when he was first born and has been on an IV for most of our stay here. I have to make sure he's getting fed every 2-3 hours to help make sure his blood sugar stays up and stable. Every feeding is usually an hour or more so sleeping was a bit of a challenge. I'm looking forward to being able to pump a bit so Beck can at least have one bottle at night and mommy can get some sleep! Late in the afternoon they finally took Beck off the IV, but kept it in just in case. We're currently waiting for his count to go up so they can take the IV out completely and we can (hopefully!) head home today! (Happy happy news! Melissa, the wonderful nurse who has been taking care of Beck and pushing to get his IV taken out, just came in to remove it!)

I've been recovering pretty well. They let me out of bed early to shower and finally walk around yesterday and it was heavenly:) I think you're suppose to spend at least 24 hours in bed but the nurse said we didn't need to wait that whole time. As soon as I got the "ok" I was up and about as much as possible. We also had a lot of visitors through out the day which helped being stuck in the hospital bearable. It was great sitting around and having my close friends here to keep me company and to love on Beck. Funny how no one knows this little guy too well but we all adore him and can't get enough of him. I felt so loved yesterday, and I'm pretty sure Leif did as well. Everyone has been more than willing to help out when needed, and even willing to come back today to keep me company again, haha.

The best part about yesterday though was being able to see Riley. Leif wheeled me to the outside of the hospital, where other parents were saying hello to their children, and I got to give and receive kisses from my little girl. How I wish she could be here with us now, getting to know her little brother, but I know she's enjoying time with grandma. &Soon enough the four of us will all be together. That thought blows my mind: There is now four of us. God is amazing.

Also, the more I look at Beck that more I realize he looks almost identical to newborn Riley.
I'm pretty sure the only difference is Riley had black hair when she was born and Beck has light brown hair with blond tips. Even the way he cries is a quieter version of Riley's cry:)


Moorea Seal said...

God is so good!

Rana said...

I'm glad everything is going well. He is just so precious.