Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day off.

Riley and I decided to take the day off. We're spending the day together in our pajamas. No errands, no cleaning. Just playing, movie watching and lots of yummy snacks. We haven't stayed in all day in a long time. Its nice sitting around being able to relax and enjoy my daughters company. I love watching her play. She already plays pretend which I think is too adorable. I can't wait to buy her a play kitchen and see what she does with it! And how soon until we can start playing house?
Loving on her elephant
The night before last I wasn't able to sleep because of cramping in my stomach and back. Then most of the day I had more cramping in my stomach and back. I decided that today would be a good day to take it easy. So far the day has been wonderful. Yes, my living room looks like there was an earthquake, but I'm loving it. I'm used to going behind Riley and picking up her toys but today I'm resiting:) I'm embracing the mess! I'm even letting a few dishes pile up in the sink... I think I'll try to get them done though before Leif gets home.
Riding her elephant
I realized that I've been pretty stressed lately, worrying about getting ready for the baby, trying to keep up with errands & keeping the house clean, cooking dinner every night, dealing with Riley's change of sleep habits at night and the four new teeth she has coming in. Its taking a bit of a toll on my body. Today though, I'm suddenly stress-free and relaxed. I'm definitely ready to take on the sleep battle that will happen around 4 tomorrow morning. My child will stay in her bed, and not take over mine! Until then, I'm enjoying the cloudy weather and the many toys and books that cover my yellow rug. The gym tonight will also be a nice stress reliever.


tinypaperheart said...

your daughter is so beautiful! :)

Margaret said...

Thank you!:)

The Bailey's said...

I just love this last picture of her! It seems like one she'll look back on in 20 years and just not be able to believe she was that small.

What's your due date again? I want to start my own little mental countdown to seeing your beautiful boy making his grand appearance on your blog! :)

Shona said...

Girls day in. Cool!!!Enjoy yourselves.

Margaret said...

My due date is March 6th, but my csection is February 26th! So about two weeks and a half:)

Keya said...

Just remember to relax and take it easy.