Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gratitude Thursday

I am so very thankful for my son.
He isn't here yet, but I'm in love with him and I'm so excited to meet him!
Just the thought of holding him makes me so giddy. Really.
I remember holding Riley for the first time and I can't believe I'm going to be experiencing that again in two weeks! I'm very ready to meet the little boy whos been hanging out in my belly for the last 9 months:)
I'm constantly wondering what his personality will be like.
Who he'll look like.
What his favorite way to sleep will be.
Will he like his big sister.
I'll find out soon enough!
2 weeks!

I never do these and thought I would today:

How far along?: 36 weeks. Almost 37!

Total weight gain: 14 pounds.

How big is the baby?: I think huge. I can feel him on my bladder and up in my ribs.

Maternity clothes?: Sometimes. Depends on the day. I can still pull of my pants with a bella band but I prefer my pants with an elastic band that I got from Forever 21.

Stretch marks?: Yes, left over from Riley:) They're nice reminders that
I carried a baby. Two.

Sleep?: I'm sleeping pretty well actually. With Riley I never slept, always getting up to use the bathroom. With Beck, I get up maybe once?

Best moment this week?: Having Riley move daddys hand from my stomach so she could kiss it.

Movement?: Lots and lots of it. I never get tired of it.

Food cravings?: Subway last week and this week eggs with lots of cheese!

Belly button?: Very far out.

What I miss?: A flat stomach haha! And not visiting the bathroom constantly!

Milestone: The doctor told me that if I went into labor between now and my scheduled c-section, they wouldn't stop the labor. Ah!


Yvonne said...

I think its so cool that you are documenting your pregnancy. May not seeem like a big deal now, but when they start to get REALLY big-this will be a great reminder.

Can't wait to meet baby#2. Blessings.

Ms. J said...

That's so exciting!!

cul-ture-queen said...

I think one difference is when you had Riley your hair was straight, and with Beck your hair will be natural!!!!!

Dana said...

Cool list. It will make great memories.

Amber said...

So exciting! :) I hope to know what this feels like one day.

The Bailey's said...

It's so close! I can't wait to see him via blog! :)

My sister-in-law is pregnant with her second. We have a theory that once you've had a baby and either you or someone you are very, very close to is having another, you experience a new kind of love for that unborn baby. I love my niece to be so, SO much. I've never felt like this before about a baby before they were born, not even with Clint. My sister-in-law feels the same way and is just so in love with her little girl-to-be! Maybe it's just part of joining "the Mommy Club" and finally truly understanding the miracle of a growing child.

Stay comfortable these last 2 weeks and WAY TO GO on the 14 lbs! I'm proud of you!