Tuesday, February 23, 2010

First Night at Home.

Leaving the hospital
First, let me say that I feel so rested and full of energy. I feel completely refreshed, like a new woman. Getting 6 hours of sleep as opposed to only 1 hour does wonders for a person. Now about last night...
It was like any other night for the most part. Except instead of just kissing mommy and daddy "goodnight", Riley also kissed Beck and grandma. And then Riley woke up at around 1 and decided that she was done sleeping in her crib. So the battle began. She fell asleep in our bed then we moved her, but then Beck woke up and we took awhile getting his bottle, so in turn he woke Riley up. Of course by the time we got the bottle Beck was over it and Riley was in our bed. Again.

We got the idea that maybe if we put Beck in his crib Riley would want to go in hers. But she didn't. She simply waved "bye" to Beck when we put him in his crib and expected us to take her with us to bed. Finally, we decided to leave her in her crib. Sure, she cried and screamed but eventually fell asleep. Thank goodness.

I really expected Beck to give us a hard time at night, not my toddler:) It really wasn't that bad though because I did get some hours of uninterrupted sleep. And Beck did a wonderful job. He mostly slept through the night. Woke up twice and probably would have gone back to sleep if we didn't make him eat. At 5 this morning, Riley was up and watched as Leif changed and fed Beck. She was amazed and kept smiling at her little brother. I was sitting on the floor pumping... It was one of those moments I wanted to last for a long time. Even if it was early in the morning.
The babies this morning.


WorryWart said...


This picture with your kiddos in the morning is amazing!!!!!!!!!!

I'm expecting # 2 and I think they will be close to the same age difference as Riley and Beck so you are my guiding light for getting through this!

Thank you!!!!!!!!!

All About Aleigha said...

I laughed out loud when I read that about Riley waving to him thinking she was going back to yalls bed. To cute! And I'm loving that last picture of both babies. Adorable!

Shona said...

What a lovely picture of Riley and Beck sleeping. Riley will make great big sister.

Patty said...

your little family is amazing! sounds like Riley is really adjusting well to her little brother :-)

stacy di said...

sweetest little photo of the two of them all snuggled up.