Monday, February 22, 2010

Late night update:

We're still in the hospital. I was a little bummed at first that we were staying an extra night but its ended up being beneficial. We wanted to be sure about Beck, that he was eating enough and that his blood sugar was staying stable. I'm very ready to be in my own bed, to actually sleep longer than a half hour a day. I forgot how hard it was to sleep in a hospital with people constantly coming in and out. Plus I have to make sure I'm feeding Beck when I'm suppose to and taking my pain medication.

Currently I'm waiting for Beck to wake up. He's a good sleeper, sometimes too good. Its hard to wake him. No matter what we try/do, if he doesn't want to wake up, he simply won't. Leif got to feed him tonight, which I enjoyed as much as I know he did. We're going to try to do at least one bottle feeding at night so I can get a break. This time around I'm keeping a journal of basically everything Beck does. Its helping me remember when I need to feed him, pump, check his diapers, let him sleep, so forth. I always thought people that did this were a bit silly and maybe a little paranoid? But now that I've been doing it, I'm learning its not silly, not one bit. Its been really helpful to me and Leif. I'm sure its helpful to Beck:) I mean, seriously, if I didn't check his feeding times he would probably go without food. He's already skipped meals because of sleeping!

Well it looks like my son might not wake up when planned, so I'm going to try to fit in some more sleep. Excited that tomorrow I'm going to go home and be able to be with both of my children!


Young Mom/Wife said...

I always thought the journals were silly too. I'm glad to hear that you think they are beneficial. I will have to remember that when ours arrives.

I hope you guys get out of the hospital soon!

The Bailey's said...

Have you seen this before:

My cousin swears by it! She still uses it for her breastfed daughter who is 4 months old.

:) Lot's of comments from me today, I had to play catch up! hehe

Mad {Life Happens During Naptime} said...

He totally looks like Riley. Compare the yawning pic of him to the necklace pic of Riley. Thats so cute!

Moorea Seal said...

i keep a nap/food journal of the 2 mo old i nanny. it just helps to have it there on paper when the parents come home and ask "so did he sleep well?" "was he hungry?"