Monday, February 15, 2010

My Favourite Book.

I think Leif is wonderful in so many ways. I'm a blessed woman to be able to call him my best friend and my husband. I've always loved Valentines Day, even though the majority of them I spent single. I'm pretty sure Leif was the first person I actually celebrated with. Valentines Day to me, is such a great reminder to tell close friends & family that we love them. Yes, we should be doing that on a daily basis but sometimes it gets forgotten... Then we have Valentines Day to remind us! Besides getting me two great presents that I wanted badly & I opened early, Leif spent the whole weekend helping me out in any way that he could. I was able to sleep in, take naps in the middle of the day, not worry about all the cooking or cleaning. He devoted this whole weekend to me, and could care less that he didn't get a big present or a big Valentines meal like I had originally planned. He just wanted to make sure I knew how loved I was. &I did feel so very loved.

Honestly though, how I felt this weekend is how I feel everyday with him.

My man.

One of our songs.
My Favourite Book.
I wish there was a better live version but this will have to do:)

Oh&because of this song, and how much it means to us I had to get Leif this card:
[The wonderful Moorea Seal made it of course. Check out her Etsy store]


Moorea Seal said...

<3 you. <3 that you love your husband so much. <3 that you love your babies so much. thanks for buying my card my sweet friend.

Amber said...

Aw, such a sweet husband you have.Your post is so cute, and it made me smile. Sounds like you had an amazing Valentines Day :)

Shona said...

I like the song and what a lovely card. You are blessed indeed.

TheSingleGirl said...

Now THAT is a fabulous Valentine's Day.

Heather said...

Sounds like you had an amazing Valentine's Day!

I think your blog is great and I have a Beautiful Blogger Award for you over on my site!