Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gratitude Thursday: My Babies!

Riley girl is 16 months today.
It blows my mind.

I'm so thankful my son and daughter.
Can I please boast about them for a minute or two?

My daughter. She amazes me. I think she's the sweetest most adorable toddler I know. She's always showering us with hugs and kisses. Especially Beck. I love how she is with her brother. Whenever I lay him on the ground for a diaper change, she grabs a diaper and a wipe for me. If I lay him in his bouncer she finds a blanket and covers him. And if I need to feed him, she helps me hold the bottle.

I think she's pretty smart too. She spends most of her days "reading" and putting puzzles together. The other day she sat down next to Beck and started "reading" to him while holding his hand. It was cute. Riley thinks she can talk more than she really can... We love it. It always makes us laugh when she turns to us and starts babbling with a serious face. Everyday she says a new word and it never ceases to catch me off guard. Even when she says words I know she is capable of saying, I just can't believe it. Lately she's been walking up to Beck, waving and saying "Hi baby". And she's almost succeeded at putting on her own jacket. We're working on it, haha.

Someones starting to smile!

My son. I adore him. I always wanted a boy and now I've been blessed with one. Although its only been a month since Beck moved in and what not, we've already learned a thing or two about him. Baby boy hates sleeping anywhere other than our chests, even the carseat sometimes. He loves cuddling, and while it makes cleaning hard, I'm enjoying it. I find myself kissing his little cheeks constantly and holding his tiny hands.

Leif and I had it really easy with Riley so we just knew that the second time around would be super difficult... So far its been almost easier than it was with Riley. Beck is not a fussy baby, and he enjoys sleeping at night almost as much we do. I love the way he watches Riley when shes talking to him and kissing him. I'm so excited to watch their relationship unfold as they both get older. Last night he cooed for the first time and Leif was like "Did you hear that?!" Of course I heard it. I love his little sounds and I can't wait for more:)

I love my children so much. Everyday I love them more and more. And everyday they remind me that God is amazing and so good to us! Children are blessings in so many ways.


~*A Day in the Life of a Mother of Multiples*~ said...

I can't tell you enough how much I loved this. :-)

Riley is gorgeous, and I can't believe how big Beck is getting!!

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful pictures of your kiddos! I'm glad you are enjoying being a Mommy of two.

Baby Wanted said...

You were made to be a motherhood...motherhood looks great on you and you and Leif made two of the cutest babies!