Saturday, March 13, 2010

Right now...

...I'm holding my sleeping son in my arms. Riley and Leif aren't here. Its just me and Beck. The two of us.

I love it. We're bonding.

All keep thinking is "how wonderful and perfect is he?! I can't believe he's going to call me: mommy" I love him more and more each day. Its impossible for me to look at him and not thank God for His goodness. I want to remember this moment, him in his striped hat, snoring softly and I, wrapped in a blanket, kissing his soft cheeks over and over.

I love you more today than yesterday
But not as much as tomorrow


Baby Wanted said...

AWE, I love this! This is what I long for the most...holding a sleeping baby and kissing those soft cheeks. :)

You guys make the cutest kiddos. I love the pictures from the previous post of Beck and Riley. So precious!

Moorea Seal said...

so happy

"as long as im living my baby you'll be"

K-Bar said...

Those are the moments I cherish most.

Suki said...

So beautiful!

Moms truly are wonderful!


The Bailey Family said...

Such a sweet mama!

Patty said...

this is beautiful! love it!

Megan Marie said...