Monday, March 15, 2010

I need a babysitter!

The hard thing about living somewhere with no family means no babysitter when you just want to go out with your husband. No afternoon trips to the movies, or grocery shopping without the kids. And a weekend trip without kids? Ha!

Its hard on a marriage when you don't get to go out alone or just time alone period. Its hard being in mommy & daddy mode constantly. Leif and I have been learning this these past few months, especially these past three weeks. I love my babies, but I love my husband also. I miss him. I miss us. When I called my mom the other day she told me: "I've been praying for you. Is everything okay?" I told her "No, its not!" My parents have been teaching a class on marriage for years so I'm always more than happy to hear what their thoughts are on things (except sex). Apparently its normal what Leif and I are going through. My mom basically said we have to make an effort to go on dates, and sit down and talk. Before we could just decide right on the spot that we were going out... I knew this but its gotten even harder now that we're in Monterey and plus we don't really have anyone to watch Riley and Beck.

I wish a babysitter would just show up on my doorstep. (Or my mom::hint::) That would be great! Where do people even find babysitters? Church? In their neighborhoods? Through friends? Pray I find one soon because I think we might go a little crazy over here.

All of you mothers that live close to family I am jealous. Never take that for granted!

We actually got to go out to dinner this past week with friends
while my mother in law and Jan were down here visiting:)


Dana said...

I am glad that you were able to go out. We do not have children yet, but since my husband works nights and is not off every weekend..the time that we do spend together we make the most of it.

Megan Marie said...

Good luck! I wish you guys were closer, we'd watch 'em. But in that case, you'd be by family anyway!

Patty said...

Aww I wish I was near you then I would for sure watch your precious kids! But, when I lived in MS I really wanted to baby sit and found this website called and its free. You can find a ton of baby sitters in your area at the site and many with back ground checks etc. I But it is good to ask around anywhere you can :-D. Good luck!!

Mad {Life Happens During Naptime} said...

We have only had one date since before Moose was born. I have family local but they all live far enough away that its too hard to go out. I feel ya!

Ms. J said...

Aw I would totally babysit for your cute little munchkins if we lived closer! It is definitely important to have date night. Check out craigslist and for a sitter. is a lot more formal/safe, all the girls go through a background check and everything, but I've has success with craigslist too! Good luck and glad you got to get out last week! That is exactly why I want to live close to my parents (and sisters) when we have kids!

Ashley said...

Totally understand your dilemma—quality time with your hubby is an absolute must! Have you heard of Sittercity? We’re an online source for connecting parents with babysitters, and our network of over a million caregivers means you’re sure to find a sitter in your area. How it works is you post a job and let the babysitters come to you. You can access their profiles, find photos and view their experience and skills. Plus you can look at background checks, references and parent reviews. You should check it out!

And since we understand just how important alone time can be, use the promotion code SITTERCITYSOCIAL and get 15% off!

I hope this helps, and please let me know if you need anything.

Meant to be a mom said...

That's too bad, I agree you deserve mommy and daddy time without your kids. Its harder with two kids I'm sure. I honestly would do exactly what you said. Maybe call your church and ask the front office if they know of anyone who is a sitter. You might mention that your kids are really young but I would expect them to be able to hook you up with some people that they most likely know and would trust. Its better than asking some random stranger nobody knows. Otherwise? I'm drawing blanks on any other ideas.

I hope you guys figure something out and are able to have a date night every so often.

Sweetydarling72 said...

I feel you on needing to get away and be a couple every once in a while.

Most of my family is out of town, but luckily I have an aunt who has no life that loves to watch our kids (even overnight!) but we also have older kids that are able to watch my little ones which helps TREMENDOUSLY.

You should try your church for sure if you belong to one. You may be able to find a reliable member that does babysitting on the side. There is also a website called that has sitters and nannies for hire(you can ask for references).

Also if there is a college nearby, you can occasionally find early childhood development students who do the sitting in their spare time as well. I did this once when my older boys were young and they loved hanging out with the person I found. :)

But it's good you realize you have to take time out for mom and daddy time! Hope you are able to do it more often. I would suggest at least 1x month if possible. :)

You're looking gorgeous and I love the picture you guys took together.

Good luck!

Rana said...

You two look great in that photo. If we lived on the west coast I would love to watch your sweet babes. My twins would have a blast playing with Riley and holding baby Beck.

I agree if you can find someone at your church or maybe even if you can't get out of the house. Put the little ones to sleep early and have a picnic on the living room floor. Sometimes it's not where you go but just being ALONE together for a while. Hope you can find someone.


tnt5150 said...

I feel your pain...we have no family where we live, but we have been fortunate enough to find a wonderful babysitter. But grandma doesn't

ddbug said...

I understand where you are coming from. Our family lives far away too, and most of our friends have little ones themselves. We found a wonderful Sitter through I highly recommend that site. we interviewed a couple women before finding our Sitter. I wish you luck in finding some help. And once you do...Enjoy the freetime, it's heavenly!!