Monday, March 8, 2010

Please Don't Go.

This is a picture that was taken tonight. These two girls are my best friends here in Monterey and the military is taking them away from me. Ashley, the one on my right is moving to Georgia this coming Friday. Summer, the one on my left will be moving to Hawaii come August. I'm having a really hard time with this. I try to avoid the subject but its not really something that can be avoided.

Its hard for me to grasp the fact that someone I cherish and love so much is going to be gone within a week. Its very unfair if you ask me. But life has never been fair. This makes me upset. Its hard for me to write this without crying because when we first moved here I really struggled with loneliness. Then I met Ashley and we bonded right away. It was such a blessing that she too had a daughter Riley's age and was a young mother like me. We spent many days at the park and at each others houses. We watched our daughters go from crawling babies to walking toddlers together. We did photo shoots together and spent most of the money we made on food:) We would go to the gym and then go to Jack in the Box for curly fries, ha! Her friendship has been something I haven't taken for granted.

Remembering the things we did together and knowing that its all coming to an end is depressing. I hate it. I have a hard time saying goodbye. I hate when change involves people leaving and not being close anymore. I know its not the end of our friendship, I just wish she was going to keep living in the house down the street. I wish that Riley and I could continue to walk down there to go play with Kyleigh. I wish that we could still have good conversations in the car.

Friday is still a few days away and I'm going to enjoy the last few days we have together. I'm thankful that I met Ashley and I'm thankful for all the fun times we shared. She's a person I definitely thank God for. My life wouldn't be the same without her. I may be having a hard time with her leaving, but I'm more than happy I met her and her friendship means the world to me. I'm excited for what awaits her in Georgia!

[Thankfully I won't have to write a post like this for Summer for a little while!]


Nicci@NiftyEats said...

I don't have kids, but I know how you feel about your friendships. I've had many friends move away and felt sad and cried a lot. Remember you have so many ways of communicating now. Plus just think, you can go on vacation to visit each other. Maybe have coffee over phone ever morning.

stacy di said...

It's so hard to have your friends move...I've moved so many times, and it never is easy saying goodbye.

Thank goodness there is the internet...but all the facebook, skype and messages aren't the same as having your pal there in person.

I'm glad you get to keep your other friend for a few more months!!

tnt5150 said...

I am sorry to hear your friends are leaving, but I have to say that I have fro I LOVE your hair!!! I am coming up on my 1 year natural anniversay in May and I just love your kinks and curls!!

Patty said...

Aww Marge I know how you feel! This is my third move just in a year and now I have to make friends again... It's just not the same kind of friendship when people move!! Knowing you, it won't be long before you have new friends!

Amber said...

Im so sorry :( It is definitely no fun being away from people you love. Friendships are such an awesome part of life. But hey least you have a place to vacation in Georgia and Hawaii?

I wouldn't mind if Eric ended up getting stationed in Hawaii :)

J'Abena said...

I feel your pain. Having a friend move away is never easy. But He knows your heart and will send you more friends, not to replace but to enhance!