Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gratitude Thursday

I'm thankful for these babies.
They remind me that God is good and gracious.
Yesterday started out well but by late morning/early afternoon things were out of control. My control. It stressed me out! I actually sat in a parking lot and cried for a minute or two. I called Leif after and told him about how my morning/afternoon had gone, after telling him though I realized it really wasn't that bad. I drove home thanking God that He was in control and not me:)

When I came home both of the kids were sleeping. At one point Riley wanted out of her crib and ended up sleeping in the living room next to Beck( I posted a picture yesterday). I sat on the couch and watched them sleep. They looked so peaceful. It was so precious and I wanted to remember that moment forever. It was a reminder of how good God is to Leif and I. No matter how bad my day has gone, He is still faithful and He is still in control.


Amber said...

Thank you for this post. I often times forget that God is in control, especially right now. Thanks for the reminder :)

The Bailey Family said...

Yaaaay! Sorry I kept bugging you. Just wanted to make sure it went through! :)