Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Week 2!

We're halfway done with our second week at home with both kids. Its been fun. I'm really enjoying having two children. I also never get tired of Riley giving her brother kisses and bringing him blankets. Nights are going even better than they were last week. Riley is back to sleeping through the night in her own bed, and Beck gets up at 12am and 4am to eat. I'm hoping these good nights continue for a long time:)

This week my wonderful friends have been bringing us dinner every night. That's such a blessing. Even though I've been itching to get back in the kitchen and try out some recipes I found last week. I have been able to cook breakfast and bake a little at least! Leif has been at home this week as well. He's suppose to be "helping out" but I think its turned more into a vacation for him than anything, haha. He's getting breakfast made for him every morning and dinner delivered. And naps during the day? What a lucky man:) Riley is loving having him at home though so I don't mind him messing up my routines too much.

On a happy-happy note: I fit into my old jeans and I don't feel as if I had surgery a week and a half ago. Oh and my husband bought me a steam-mop! I just tried it out and I love it. Throwing out the old mop and bucket tomorrow.


Sweetydarling72 said...

He is just SO SWEET! Enjoy him and big sis.
We just bought a steam mop this past weekend as well after getting tired of ill working Swiffer mops & yucky regular mops and we LOVE it! No mess, no fuss and cleans like a dream!

Patty said...

So lucky! I want a steam mop! :-D Which one did you get and let me know how much you like it!

Rana said...

That's wonderful that he is sleeping so much through the night already for you. They are both so sweet. It's great that Leif can be home with you during adjusting to the new baby.

The Bailey Family said...

Why do I love baby forehead wrinkles so much?? I don't know, but Beck has some of the best ever! :)